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a college girl who has a secret Monica & Nikki Dump The Bachelor? The Bachelor Reveals His Most Hard-to-Get Friend 13 Things To Know About The Bachelors In The Bachelor 2015 1/30/2017 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF EXCLUSIVE The Bachelor might have been glad that Rachel Lindsay dumped him on national TV, but it turns out he still has a painful breakup from his past... and she's all up in his grill about it. Nikki Bella is a HUGE wrestling fan and knows most of the in-cage personalities -- including Pete Rose... who plays host on "Vince"... during an appearance on the "Bachelor" reunion. She also knows The Bachelor, and he tells Nikki that Rachel didn't exactly stick around to support him when he got dumped on national TV. Pete makes it clear he's still sore about the whole thing. CLICK HERE for more... 4:35 PM PT -- The Bachelor says his original plan was to present Rachel with the final rose, but he also tells Nikki she's a good person and a "sweetheart." Pete, Nikki, and Rachel 8:32 PM PT -- Pete tells Nikki that he hasn't even considered whether he wants a relationship with her, but Nikki is the kind of woman who makes you want to be better. 8:28 PM PT -- Nikki has no idea that Pete is referring to her when he says he hasn't considered whether he wants a relationship with her... he's talking about himself, though. 8:26 PM PT -- Nikki tells Pete that she can't believe that he hasn't been in a relationship for so long -- and it's great to hear he's starting to turn over a new leaf. 8:20 PM PT -- Pete is now talking about how awesome Nikki's sister, Bella, is. He says he hasn't seen her in years... so it's great to hear she's doing so well. 8:16 PM PT -- Pete says he "can't wait" to meet Nikki's family. He says they were the kind of people who made him want to be better. 8:08 PM PT -- Nikki is talking about how she doesn't have a set timeline for her wedding to Charlie. She says she knows that she




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